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a, Pre-printing, The selection of laser printer. When printing, if there has white color in the image, you should use OKI white toner printers. If there has no white color, either OKI white toner printer or other CMYK laser printers are Ok but the light color fabric will have a better result.

b, “Self-Weeding” have A paper and B(white and heavy) paper. A paper is printing paper, a transparent film, while B Paper is white and heavier paper, so that we can peel B off A smoothly.

c, When you print the paper, it should be mirror printing.

d, Please pre-adjust the temperature to 158℃-165℃and the time to 95-105s in a medium press,2-3 bars/29-44psi.


For Use On:

Dark-colored or Light-colored T-shirts, aprons, hoodies, gift bags, table covers, curtains and flags.


Production Description:

  1. Photo quality , waterproof , instant dry
  2. Perfect color perspective and expression
  3. Use heat transfer machine to transfer the photo on fabric and other materials


Transfer Steps

transfer paper for laser printers

1, Print the picture on the front side of A-Paper with mirror printing. Matte side is the printable side.

2, Put B front side onto A front with pattern, then overlap.(A-paper with pattern must be completely covered by B-Paper). Adjust the temperature to 158℃-165℃, and put overlapped AB paper onto the plat, then press for 95-105s.

3, When time’s up, peel B off A rapidly without leaving the flat (Hot Tear). Must be quick within 1-3s. If there has remaining glue on the edge of A, you need to cut off edge and throw away B paper.

Separate the B-Paper from the A-Foil without lifting them up from the lower plate of your heat press. Please work in a SLOW, LOW & FLUID MOTION.UID MOTION

4,Reset the time to 25s-30s and keep temperature and press constant, then put the T-shirt onto the flat and put A(Printing Side) onto the T-shirt. When time’s up, after 60s, peel A off the T-shirt.(Cold Tear).

5 Fixing. To ensure a matte finish and good wash-ability, It is absolutely that you repress with a sheet of matte finish apaper for 30s in 160℃.



Wait 24 hours before washing on the first drying time.

Turn garment inside out and wash in cold water using a mild detergent in the first time