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Product type: custom print

Vendor: Mizta Print

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  Upload .png or .jpg files.
  The minimum resolution is 200dpi, the image size is 1: 1
  A small photo can not be printed in large size.
  To apply a photo to the full width of the print area, you need the highest quality image without rough pixelation, preferably in PNG format with a transparent background;
  Use of the image must not infringe copyrights.

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Single-sided printing on translucent polyester
• Full-color, fully customizable designs
• Durable & wind-resistant up to 37 mph  
• Lawn stake, cross base & square metal bases available
• Includes flag, poles
Already have stake or  base? Please select None in Add accessories
Feather shape available in shape of 9', 11' and 15'
Block shape available in shape of 10', 13' and 16'