Metal Floor Stand with Graphics Print




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Product type: custom print

Vendor: Mizta Print

Tags: Bulletin Sign Holder, for print, Metal Floor Stand, Poster Stand



  Upload .png or .jpg files.
  The minimum resolution is 200dpi, the image size is 1: 1
  A small photo can not be printed in large size.
  To apply a photo to the full width of the print area, you need the highest quality image without rough pixelation, preferably in PNG format with a transparent background;
  Use of the image must not infringe copyrights.

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Double-sided frames accept posters
2 side print 5mm foamboard
Easily slides in from the top to the bottom for coroplast, foamboard inserts.
Solid metal construction. An excellent advertising stand for Retail Stores, Supermarkets, and Malls.

Assembly required
5mm foamboard double side print Included

Graphics Size 22"W x 28"H 2 x 22"W x 28"H 3 x 22"W x 28"H 22"W x 57"H
Total Height 60" 60" 90" 60"
Color Matte Black Matte Black Matte Black Matte Black