Perforated Window Vinyl-black back




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Product type: custom print

Vendor: Mizta Print

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  Upload .png or .jpg files.
  The minimum resolution is 200dpi, the image size is 1: 1
  A small photo can not be printed in large size.
  To apply a photo to the full width of the print area, you need the highest quality image without rough pixelation, preferably in PNG format with a transparent background;
  Use of the image must not infringe copyrights.

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Clear removable pressure sensitive adhesive 7 mil perforated vinyl that offers excellent bold color reproduction and quality.
• Allows a full image to be seen on the outside while allowing viewing through windows
from the inside
• 7-mil, opaque, cast vinyl film with glossy finish
• White on the outside facing image side, black on the see-through reverse side
• Pressure sensitive adhesive
If you order a 24"x36" print, please select " image width" =24",  "Quantity"=36
when you check out, you will find that the price is $17.3